PiIO – Raspberry pi control solutions

Our range of versatile raspberry pi control solutions allow you to solve real world problems with the minimum fuss. Reducing time-to-market by and design risk we provide you everything you need to quickly get you concept up and running. Boards come supplied with a software SDK written in Python, and detailed design documentation to help you complete your project fast.

Aimed at the hobby, light industrial, home automation and control markets our boards offer a range of industrial interfacing solutions, from PT100 sensors, 10V / 0-20mA sensors, RS232 devices or just interfacing to 24V digital IO we’ve got it covered. We also offer a range of mounting solutions that will allow you to securely install your controller in a variety of configurations from panel mount to DIN and supply power in a variety of industry friendly configurations.

Check out the projects section for some example applications and inspiration! these range from simple board level functionality tests to IOT


Analog and digital IO board with PT100


Digital IO board


Digital IO board (Pi Zero)


Digital output board

PiIO 232 H

RS232 and digital IO board

GPIO Extender Kit

Extends the height of your board

PiIO DIO (retired)

Digital IO board

DIN Mounting Kit

Mount your Pi on DIN rail

Designed for Pi
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Open source