• RS232 port
  • 8x Digital outputs
  • 8x Digital inputs
  • Optional onboard PSU
  • Supplied with standard mounting kit
  • DIN mounting kit available separately
  • Open source Python3 SDK
  • Conforms to PI HAT mechanical specification

This expansion hat for the PI provides a single high speed RS232 port as well as some general purpose digital IO. It is ideal for home automation, or protocol conversion. The board comes with our SDK and some examples to get you up to speed quickly.


Digital Outputsx 8 High side
Max current per channel 0.5 A
Voltage range2-24 V
Max switching frequency>20KHZ
Inductive loadsY
Digital Inputsx 8
Voltage range2-24 V
Power supplyVarious configurations
Connections0,24V,5V terminals,
Onboard DCDC1A or 2A optional
Status LEDsRUN and Field supply LED
Terminal blocks3.5mm
Wire range18-24 AWG
CompatabilityPi1-4 (requires 40 pin GPIO)
Kit ContentsPiIO PCB + Standard mounting kit
Kit OptionsOnboard DCDCs / DIN Kit / GPIO Extender kit





Software library on github

Tecnical Notes